Putin: West tried to destabilise Russia, but failed


Russian President Vladimir Putin

The West has been trying to destabilise the Russian society from within by introducing sanctions, but failed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

The Russia president said this in the course of his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly.

“Sanctions against Russia are only a means, and the goal, as the Western leaders themselves declare … is to make our citizens suffer, to make (them) suffer.

“They want to make the people suffer, thereby destabilising our society from within.

“But their calculation was not justified,” Putin said.

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The West will try to divide Russia, “betting on ‘national traitors,’” the president added.

He accused the West of ignoring neo-Nazi ideology in Ukraine as its armed forces put swastikas on military equipment and use Nazi names.

“Neo-Nazis do not hide whose heirs they consider themselves to be.

“It is surprising that none of those in power in the West notices this,” Putin said.


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