Kola Abiola: 'The first thing I'll do as president if elected'

Kola Abiola

Kola Abiola, the PRP presidential candidate for 2023 presidential election.

By Segun Giwa

Kola Abiola, the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), says he will prioritise security architecture, if elected on Saturday, February 25 2023.

He stated this on Wednesday while speaking with newsmen in Akure

According to Abiola, security was a problem in every part of the country and must be solved before any reasonable development could take place.

“Insha Allah, when I get there, the first thing to look at is the security architecture, how do we find a short-term solution to the security problem we have in Nigeria today?

“Security is a problem in every part of Nigeria, and if you don’t solve that you have not solved anything,” he said.

On the issue of scarcity of naira notes, Abiola lamented that the aim was not for an inclusive purpose, which should have impacted positively on the masses, but only benefited a few people.

The presidential candidate noted that the scarcity of cash would encourage vote buying as only a few individuals had mopped up the available cash from the system.

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“On naira scarcity, it is a problem for everybody, am here penniless myself. The timing is wrong, and I think it is a big problem.

“There is no cash, there is no petrol, in a country that has a serious security problem, you have further heightened this. You make it easy to buy votes because when only one man has the cash, what do you expect,” he said.

He said his party had been campaigning at the grassroots level across the senatorial districts without renting crowds.

“We are a party that doesn’t rent crowds; we don’t do a loud campaign. We are a party that doesn’t have governors or senators, we only have two House of Representatives members now.

“We are a grassroots party, and the only way we can reach voters is to go on town hall meetings, and we do that on a senatorial district basis and we interact.

“They (people) ask me questions, and I can honestly answer them; I also use that as a playbook to campaign for the candidates; that is why I am in Akure today,” he explained.


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