'Why DSS must arrest Pastor Paul Enenche now'


Pastor Paul Enenche

A civil society organization, Centre for Social and Economic Rights (CSER) has renewed its demand for the arrest and interrogation of Pastor Paul Enenche, presiding pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre for his recurring threats to the nation’s democracy and national security, through lies, falsehood, misinformation and inciting messages and tweets which is condemnable and unacceptable.

According to the executive director of the organization, Nelson Ekujumi in a statement, the group lamented that, “We are pained, traumatized and demand to know why Mr. Enenche is being treated like a sacred cow who has unlimited and untouchable right to threaten our democracy and national security with comments, messages and tweets which are irresponsible, insensitive, reckless, provocative and a desecration of the Temple that he has turned into a political campaign platform for his political party candidate that lost in the recently successful and creditably conducted presidential election by INEC in which a winner has emerged in substantial compliance with the provisions of the electoral law.”

The group said Nigeria operates a constitutional democracy in which even the elections are governed by laws and it behooves on whoever has submitted to participate in the process and their followers or supporters no matter where placed, to respect the laws of the land by complying with the process, rather than this campaign of blackmail, calumny, lies, falsehood, misinformation and incitement to anarchy to threaten national security and topple democracy because of personal political interest.

The Centre for Social and Economic Rights had on the 27th of February 2023 through a press statement made public, called for the arrest and interrogation of Paul Enenche by the DSS for threatening public law and order and democracy via his irresponsible, reckless and provocative viral message in his church on the 26th of February, 2023 in reaction to the 2023 presidential election.

“But we are in a state of shock that this man and his likes are still being allowed to run riot with continued threats to our democracy and national security which is condemnable.

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“Sadly, Mr Paul Enenche of Dunamis Christian Ministry has been joined in the desecration of the temple, House of God and incitement to national security and democracy by one Sarah Omakwu of family worship center and other agents of anarchy elements who are daily engaged in acts that threaten national security and our humanity and needs to be arrested and made to face the law accordingly,” the group said.

According to CSER, “This unchecked provocative and reckless threat to democracy and national security by anti democratic elements and agents of destabilization by the DSS and other security agencies, portends a grave danger not only to our democracy and national security, but also to our humanity which is at risk”.

The CSER called on the DSS to arrest, interrogate and prosecute Enenche, Omakwu and their likes for incitement and acts that amounted to attempting to truncate and topple democracy, law and order.

“We also want it placed on record that Nigerians and the international community should hold the DSS responsible for any breakdown of law and order and toppling of our democracy that may result from it’s failure to arrest the threats to national security and democracy which is glaringly provocative and condemnable,” the body said.


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