How I was raped by a man I met at a mall - Paris Hilton

American model, singer and actress Paris Hilton and the cover of her searing, revelatory new memoir, “Paris: The Memoir”  ( Photo credit: Forbes magazine)

American model, singer and actress Paris Hilton and the cover of her searing, revelatory new memoir, "Paris: The Memoir" ( Photo credit: Forbes magazine)

By Nehru Odeh

American model, singer and actress Paris Hilton has made many stunning revelations in her searing revelatory new memoir, “Paris: The Memoir” which hit bookstores on Tuesday 14 March.

One of the revelations, as reported by New York Daily News, is how she was raped by a man she met at a mall. The “Stars are Blind” singer says when she was in high school, an older man took her to an apartment and served her what she was told was a fruity wine cooler.

Hilton passed out shortly after. When she tried to resist the “crushing weight” of the 20-something rapist, “He clamped down on my face and whispered, ‘You’re dreaming.’”

“I became aware of a crushing weight on me. Suffocating me. Cracking my ribs. I felt a jolt of panic and tried to get up, but the impulse was lost, as if something had severed my spinal cord.

“When I tried to scream, there was no air in my lungs. All that came out was a small, raspy ‘stop… what’s happening… stop…’ until this guy clamped his hand over my mouth – like, aggressively – like, hard. He clamped down on my face and whispered: “It’s a dream. It’s a dream. You’re dreaming.”‘

According to Daily Mail, Hilton added the experience made her feel ashamed and she went to boarding school in Utah for two years soon after.

The reality star claimed she was also sexually abused after being forced to undergo cervical exams performed by staff members in the early hours of the morning while attending the school.

Paris previously said her childhood was ‘stolen’ by the alleged abuse at Provo Canyon School where she spent 11 months when she was 17 years old.

Testifying to Utah lawmakers in February 2021, the hotel heiress said she was ‘verbally, mentally and physically abused on a daily basis’ at Provo Canyon.

“I was cut off from the outside world and stripped of all of my human rights. I was not allowed to be myself, hold my own opinions or even speak. Without a diagnosis I was forced to consume medication that made me feel numb and exhausted. I didn’t breathe fresh air or see the sunlight for 11 months,’ she said.

“Children were restrained, hit, thrown into walls, strangled and sexually abused regularly at Provo… I could not report this because all communication with my family was monitored and censored.

“That was the worst of the worst… There’s no getting out of there. You’re sitting on a chair and staring at a wall all day long, getting yelled at or getting hit.’

The socialite slammed the institution in her 2020 documentary This Is Paris and succeeded in pushing for new, tighter regulation on schools for troubled teens.

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In her memoir, she writes about her attempts to leave the boarding schools she attended during her high school years, recalling she told Kathy: ‘This place is f****d up! You don’t even know!”

Kathy responded: ‘Paris, honey, I know it’s hard. You just have to hang in there and work the program.’

Another revelation Hilton made in her book is how she kissed her teacher who had an Abercrombie look while in the right grade.

She claims the teacher told her as a young teenager: ‘I’ve got a crush on you’ before asking for her phone number and warning her not to tell anyone.

“Mr. Abercrombie called me almost every night, and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful, and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood, and special.

“He reminded me that Princess Diana was thirteen years younger than Prince Charles. And Priscilla Presley was my age when Elvis fell in love with her,” she reminisced.

Hilton said when her parents caught her kissing the teacher in his car, Mr. Abercrombie — a reference to his Abercrombie & Fitch sartorial appeal — blamed Hilton for making him “do this.”

Hilton said watching singer Demi Lovato’s 2017 documentary “Simply Complicated” inspired her to come forward in 2021 with claims she was sexually abused while attending a Utah boarding school.

Her tome also includes encounters with convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein and former President Donald Trump — both of whom made her uncomfortable.

Hilton describes Weinstein as “creepy and aggressive,” claiming he once followed her into a bathroom. He stood outside a stall asking, “Ya wanna’ be a star?” before security dragged him away.

She describes fellow former reality TV star Trump as an old family friend who became “furious and intimidated the s–t out of me” when, at age 19, she left Trump Model Management, which lasted from 1999 to 2017. Hilton —said she lied and told the former president she voted for him.

A much more light-hearted confession in the book deals with her famous catchphrase, which Hilton says she stole from her little sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild.

“At some point, I heard Nicky say ‘That’s hot’ and it resonated with me,” she said.

The 42-year-old socialite applied to trademark that motto in 2004. She reportedly found the money-making phrase “positive” and “unpretentious.”

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