Again, Finland ranks happiest country in the world



World Happiness Report on Monday announced that Finland has been declared the country with the happiest population for the sixth consecutive year.

The report, which looked at the effects of the Coronavirus crisis on people’s well-being, was compiled annually by scientists in the U.S. based on surveys by the Gallup Institute.

According to the report, the happy Finns are followed by: Denmark, Iceland, Israel, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg and New Zealand.

Austria and Australia are in 11th and 12th positions, while Germany got 16th place, dropping two spots from 2022.

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War-torn Afghanistan and Lebanon remained the two unhappiest countries according to the survey.

Researchers said people’s evaluation of happiness had remained “remarkably resilient’’ despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with global averages from 2020 to 2022 just as high as those in the pre-pandemic years of 2017 to 2019.


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