Horrific London child killers revealed

London killings

One of the child victims of bestial killers in London, Nusayba Umar, a 16-month-old from Ilford, was rushed to hospital with a "severe and life-threatening head injury" but tragically died four days later. (Photo credit: MyLondon)

A report by MyLondon newspaper has listed despicable London child killers who are serving long prison sentences for their crimes.

They include a mum and her boyfriend who joked that her 15-month-old son’s bedroom was “the torture room”.

According to the report, courtrooms of London are familiar with hearing the darkest details behind the intentions of criminals, with murderers, rapists and paedophiles sent to prison each day across the capital.

For jurors, child murder cases are often the most harrowing trials to sit through, with horrific details told of babies and toddlers killed by those who should have protected them.

This month, a mum and her partner were found guilty over the death of her 15-month-old son, who was subjected to “sadistic” assaults at her home in South-West London. Jacob Lennon had suffered so many beatings that he looked “like a panda” with his mum referring to him as a “little madman” because of his bruises.

“Couples who have been jailed for killing innocent children include Kemar Brown and Phylesia Shirley, with jurors forced to listen to audio recordings of two-year-old Kyrell Matthews being abused.

“MyLondon has taken a look at some of the twisted child killers who have been jailed for their despicable crimes.

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“A postman was jailed for nine years after inflicting a fatal head injury on his girlfriend’s 18-month-old baby. Scott Coombe repeatedly attacked Andrew Cawker over a year-long period, whilst he was in a relationship with Tamika Beaton.

“After becoming “irritated” at the toddler who had been left in his care, he violently shook and threw Andrew in July 2019. He never regained consciousness after his head hit the floor and he died in the hospital two weeks later,” the newspaper reports.

Coombe had called 999 and claimed that he had suffered a seizure, however, the hospital staff raised concerns that the injuries could not have been accidental. A post-mortem examination found that he had died from a head injury with several other bruises identified around his upper body.

Phone evidence showed that Andrew’s injuries had occurred while he was in the sole care of Coombe, with Andrew’s dad Ben Cawker becoming “very concerned” when shown a picture of his son’s ribs. However, Beaton had suggested to her ex-partner that the injuries could have occurred while he had been looking after their son.

She repeated these accusations during a police interview, however, messages to her mum indicated she was aware that the toddler was being hurt in her boyfriend’s care. After being charged, Coombe admitted manslaughter, child cruelty and assaulting the toddler on three occasions and was jailed at the Old Bailey for nine years.

Beaton had denied child cruelty but was found guilty following a trial and was sentenced to 12 months suspended for 18 months.

The report continues on MyLondon site.

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