UK didn't tender apology to Peter Obi for being detained

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Peter Obi

The viral news that the British authorities have tendered an apology to Labour Party presidential Candidate Mr. Peter Obi is not true at all.

It was apparently made up by his followers.

On Thursday, Obi’s campaign spokesman said Obi was yet to receive any letter of apology from the British government over his detention by immigration officials at Heathrow Airport in London.

Diran Onifade Head, Obi-Datti Media, said, “We have been receiving enquiries with regards to a so called apology, purportedly issued by the British Government or any of its agencies, to our Principal Mr Peter Obi, in respect of a routine Immigration engagement with him, as he arrived London, for a brief visit, last Friday, the 7th of April.

“We would like to state emphatically that we are not aware of any such apology, and have not issued any statement whatsoever, in that regard.

“While we continue to examine any dubious or political motive, on the part of the perpetrators of the identity theft, we have every confidence in the ability of the British authorities to resolve the matter, to conclusion.”

He said the former Anambra State Governor and the LP/PCC have since moved on from the incident and continue to be totally focused, on the legal processes before the Election Petition Tribunal.

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Obi was on Good Friday detained and questioned at the Heathrow Airport, London by UK immigration services due to someone impersonating him.

According to Onifade, the LP Presidential candidate  arrived the Heathrow Airport in London from Nigeria on Good Friday, April 7, 2023, and joined the queue for the necessary Airport protocols when he was accosted by immigration officials who handed him a detention note and told him to step aside.

Onifade said Obi was questioned for a long time and that it was very strange for a man who lived for over a decade in that country.

He said since Obi’s face was already an international frame, especially for Nigerians, Africans home, and in the Diaspora who are likely to be Obidients, the people quickly raised their voices wondering why he was being delayed.

Onifade stated that the immigration officials who were also taken aback at the reaction of the people were forced to reveal that Obi was being questioned for a duplication offense, meaning that someone has been impersonating him in London.

He explained that the high implication of the offense was that the impersonator could be committing all kinds of weighty crimes and other dubious acts and that it would be recorded in Obi’s name.

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