How Christ Embassy impacted lives with Rhapsody of Realities - Fisho

Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy

By Patricia Amogu

Mr Dipo Fisho, Abuja Zonal Pastor, Christ Embassy Church, says Rhapsody Of Realities is not only soul-lifting and faith-stirring but has become the world’s most translated and read devotional.

He said this in a press release on Thursday, commemorating the Reach Out Word Extravaganza Day.

According to him, the Christian Daily Devotional authored by Dr Chris Oyakhilome has impacted lives across the continents.

“The Rhapsody Of Realities, authored by a prolific author and teacher, known among billions of its readers as the ‘Messenger Angel’ is more than a daily devotional, it has become a soul-lifting and faith-stirring devotional.

“In 22 years of its existence, it is breaking socio-economic, political and ethno-religious barriers.’” he said.

According to him, when the first edition was printed, it was not difficult to tell that the devotional would turn out to become the number one daily devotional globally.

“It has come to be used as a tool for national rebirth, promoting patriotic zeal in citizens of nations around the world, making them develop Godly behaviours.

“Today, Rhapsody has traversed through cries, nations, continents and uncharted territories as well as penetrated through cultures and languages worldwide reaching far-flung societies and broken.

“From Africa to Australia, Europe to Asia, America to the Mediterranean, it is not uncommon to find the Rhapsody Of Realities read and distributed in homes, offices, recreational centres, correctional facilities, military and police formations,” he added.

Similarly, Rhapsody Of Realities a product of Loveworld Incorporated has streamed its way into prisons and palaces, markets and shopping malls, schools and hospitals.

” It is nearly impossible not to find copies of the Rhapsody of Realities anywhere there are humans irrespective of creed, colour or culture.

“Through the articles presented in the most simple language, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shares the truth of the word of God and helps its readers to envision and live the transcendent life.

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“The first major movement of Rhapsody of Realities to penetrate every man’s world began with the Reach Out Campaigns where hundreds of millions of copies of the devotional are usually distributed in a carnival manner in cities of the world during special national days such as independence and other memorable days.

“During these days, it was inspiring to watch members of Loveworld also known as Christ Embassy clad in different national attires and colourful costumes distributing copies of the Rhapsody of Realities daily devotional to everyone in shops.

“Also, in traffics, markets, homes, schools, hospitals, parks, military and police stations and virtually everywhere there was the human person to celebrate and promote the patriotic spirit.

“It was usually a rendezvous of joyous and extravagant celebration of true nationalism,” he stated.

“Every year, partners of the Rhapsody of Realities, have through the Reach Out Campaigns with Rhapsody of Realities executed and commissioned several impactful community projects as its way of contributing to its host community.

“This, it stated, is a practical way of bringing development to the people and giving back to the society.

“Some of these community projects range from construction and donations of fully furnished police stations, construction and equipping of schools, provision of countless medical facilities, boreholes in several communities and cities as well as assistance of patrol vehicles to numerous police formations.

Others include the provision of medical facilities as well as medical outreaches, school feeding programs and taking care of indigent children in society.

“Poised to ensure that every human person on the face of the earth receives the devotional on a monthly basis, Rhapsody Of Realities as of today has been translated into 7,858 living languages covering every human language.

“It has become the most translated, distributed and widely read devotional on earth.

According to the statement, the overall vision of the Reach Out World Extravaganza is to reach every human person, home, community, town, city, nation, continent and in every language with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Thus, ensuring that this Gospel of the Kingdom is preached in all the world as a witness to every man and woman, young and old on earth with the message of Jesus Christ,” he added


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