Lagos bulldozer demolishes hundreds of shanties in Lekki

Taskforce 2

The shanties being demolished

Lagos State Taskforce on Monday demolished hundreds of shanties along Lekki Coastal Road and its environs which are areas mapped out by the state government to serve as an alternate route to motorists along that axis when completed.

The demolition exercise was carried out using a bulldozer. It was led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye.

The demolition took place after an eviction noticed was served to the illegal occupants who had constructed makeshift buildings, some of which were constructed right under high tension cables running through the area.

CSP Jejeloye pointed out that the shanties not only constitute health and safety risks to residents in the area but also serves as a haven for criminals who made use of such locations as a hideout.

“This is the third major enforcement we are carrying out in this very location as we were here two years ago and even last year. Some of the kiosks are built under the high tension cable which is very dangerous,” he said.

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Taskforce officials at the scene of the demolition
Taskforce officials at the scene of the demolition

The Chairman also disclosed that the shanties which were built with wood caught fire some weeks ago and led to the partial burning of a building across the fence where the shanties were located.

“It would have been a more serious incident if not for the quick intervention of the Lagos State Fire Service which put out the fire that started off from the shanties. Gross disregard for safety precautions would always give room for unsafe conditions, that is why we have come to put an end to it today”.

The Chairman assured Lagosians and residents of Lekki Coastal axis to be rest assured that the shanties would never be allowed to be spring up again, promising that he would station men from the agency to monitor the axis forthwith.

Jejeloye further appealed to residents and CDAs of the area to collaborate with each other and come up with sustainable plans like employing private security men to monitor the axis in order to prevent any unscrupulous individuals erecting such makeshift structures.


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