Democracy Day: Nigeria's diversity a blessing, we must continue to unite, says Ajadi

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Olufemi Ajadi

Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, the 2023 NNPP governorship candidate in Ogun State, has urged Nigerians to continue to unite for the purpose of a “new and better Nigeria.”

Ajadi, while wishing the people of Ogun and Nigeria happy Democracy Day, noted that citizens must not forget the lessons of June 12.

The young politician also urged Nigerians not to give up, saying Nigerians can achieve all in unity.

Read the full statement from Ajadi below:

Dear Nigerians, let’s not forget the morals of June 12!

Dear countrymen and women, it gives me great pleasure to address you today on this auspicious day of the anniversary of true democracy in our country.

On this same day, June 12, 1993, a great event took place in our country.

Nigerians in one voice, despite differences in faith, ethnicity and class came out in one voice and unanimity of their political decisions, showed that the peace and progress of out great country towers above everything else.
This they did by their votes; they chose a pair they felt could steer their affairs aright.

It was a Muslim-Muslim ticket, but Nigerians voted them. By this, I refer to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) pair of Alhaji Moshood Abiola and Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, presidential and vice presidential candidates respectfully.

Though that election was eventually nullified by those opposed to genuine democracy in the country, because of their selfish motives, the lessons can never be erased by any military action.

What do we learn from June 12?

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One of its many lessons is that free and fair election is possible in this country.

Second is that Nigerians know and will identify with quality leadership when they see one.

Third and very critical is that we should not allow selfish politicians to use the card of ethnicity to deny us of quality leaders whenever they show up. if we do, we will stand to suffer the consequences.

These are why the charade and inadequacies that characterized the last elections should never be supported by real Nigerian patriots.

As we celebrate Democracy Day today, I therefore salute all Nigerians committed to the tenets and ideals.

Let us continue to work for a better Nigeria despite our differences.

Yes, different ethnic groups may have been foisted together as one country by British colonialists, but we can not continue to use that as excuse not to unite and move forward.

As a matter of fact, there is no one country in the world where there are no ethnic or class divides, but these countries have continued to forge ahead with good leadership.

Nigeria could do the same. Let’s all make it possible. So, let today’s celebration make us resolve more than ever before to work towards a more united, more progressive Nigeria. It is possible, it is doable. This is my message to you Nigerians.

Happy Democracy Day.

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