Desmond Elliot sets to bag PhD in Legislative Studies


Desmond Elliot

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Renowned Nigerian actor and politician Desmond Elliot has taken to social media to share a glimpse of his academic journey.

The actor, who is well-known for his contributions to Nollywood and his political role in the Lagos State House of Assembly, recently posted a photo of himself in an examination hall on Instagram.

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The caption accompanying the photos reads, “Exam mode Ph.D. legislative studies in view. Oooossseeee thanks David for the pics.”

Desmond Elliot‘s decision to pursue a Ph.D. in legislative studies showcases his commitment to academic growth and intellectual development.  This move highlights his desire to delve deeper into the field of legislative studies, which is especially pertinent given his role as a legislator.

The phrase “Oooossseeee” in the caption suggests a sense of enthusiasm and accomplishment, reflecting Elliot‘s positive attitude toward his academic pursuits.

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