'Family business' - Fans react to Davido's cousin political appointment


By Victoria Oluwayemi

Singer Davido has congratulated his cousin, Tunji Adeleke, on his recent appointment as the Chairman of the Local Government Commission in Osun State.

However, the appointment, made by their uncle and governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, has been met with applause and criticisms on the social media, putting Tunji, the offspring of the late former governor of Osun State, Isiaka Adeleke on the spotlight

Amidst the strong divergence of in public opinion over fitness or otherwise for his new role, Davido expressed his unwavering confidence in his cousin’s leadership abilities and determination to make a positive impact. The singer shared his pride and support for Tunji through heartfelt messages on his Twitter account.

Davido was unequivocal and steadfast in his belief that Tunji Adeleke is well-equipped to navigate the responsibilities that come with the position.

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“Congrats @Tunegee on your emergence as the Chairman Local Government Commission Osun State! You are a leader, and you will do well…. We dey your back. Proud of you Cuzzy @tunegee e don start”, he posted.

Davido’s post, however, further stirred criticisms and reactions to the appointment from from fans .

A fan posted, “You guys can just go ahead to change Osun state to Adeleke state. Please David, with all due respect, can you share this guy’s profile with us and what experience he’s got to handle such an office. Everything just seems to be wrong with Nigeria. Left, right, back & front. Irrespective of political party”.

Another fan posted, “It’s a family business now”.

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