Comedian Josh2funny shines on America's Got Talent


By Victoria Oluwayemi

Joshua Alfred popularly known as Josh2funny‘s hilarious performance on America’s Got Talent show has left viewers in fits of laughter and admiration.

This marks the third occasion that the adept skitmaker and online sensation has graced the America’s Got Talent stage, solidifying his reputation as a comedic force to be reckoned with.

Notably, one of Josh2funny‘s videos, titled “The World’s Fastest Reader,” has amassed an astounding 300 million views on the internet, showcasing the entertainer’s widespread appeal and popularity.

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A fan posted, “Josh2funny on America’s Got Talent!!! Josh is blown!! This cracked me up from the start to the end!”

One astounded fan summed up the sentiment perfectly, stating, “The best video you will see on the internet today. I almost laughed my lungs. Josh is the biggest Nigerian entertainer no doubt! Kudos.”

The unexpectedness of Josh2funny’s act worked to his advantage, catching everyone off guard and leaving them in fits of laughter. A fan highlighted the achievement, saying, “The point of this is that he made them all laugh. If only they knew he was a comedian to the core. He even got a standing ovation from the crowd at the end”.

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