Eniola Ajao defends her outfit at 'Jagun Jagun' premiere

Eniola Ajao

Eniola Ajao reveals reason behind Bobrisky's ‘Best Dressed Female’ win

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Actress Eniola Ajao has addressed the recent wave of criticisms surrounding her choice of attire at the exclusive screening of the highly anticipated movie “Jagun Jagun.”

The event, which had an Afrocentric theme, witnessed Ajao’s elegance in her web-like outfit capturing attention, although it was met with mixed reviews.

Ajao took to her Instagram account to shed light on her fashion selection, offering insights into the creative rationale behind her outfit. She revealed that a deeper understanding of her fashion statement would be gained by those who experience the movie on Netflix. The actress underscored the mutual connection between her outfit and the fervour exuded by “Jagun Jagun,” emphasizing the movie’s powerful impact.

Commending Femi Adebayo Salami, the mastermind behind “Jagun Jagun”, Ajao hailed him as the “man of the moment.”

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She lauded his meticulous attention to detail, spanning the intricate storyline, impeccable casting choices, impeccable delivery, exceptional production quality, and groundbreaking marketing strategies that have set “Jagun Jagun” apart.

Ajao’s outfit, meticulously curated to resonate with the movie’s essence, garnered attention for its elaborate aesthetics. The actress clarified that her bold fashion statement was inspired by the movie’s dynamism and called for a more profound reflection on its themes.

The “Jagun Jagun” premiere, described by Ajao as an electrifying affair, left an indelible mark on attendees. Ajao’s candid expression of admiration for Femi Adebayo Salami’s groundbreaking contributions to the Nigerian film industry further underlined the evening’s significance.

In her Instagram post, Eniola Ajao celebrated the distinctiveness of “Jagun Jagun” within the cinematic landscape and invited her followers to weigh in on her outfit choice. The Afrocentric theme of the premiere, she suggested, was central to the event’s allure.


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