SAO Energy's Solar Initiative enhances dialysis treatment at UCH Ibadan

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SAO Energy's Solar Initiative enhances dialysis treatment at UCH Ibadan

SAO Energy, in partnership with the Rotimi Akeredolu Foundation, is set to advance healthcare at the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan with the introduction of the UCH Dialysis Center Solar project. This notable hybrid solar installation which is the largest in the teaching hospital is designed to provide stable, clean, and reliable energy to critical sections, including the Hemodialysis center, staff areas, and the surrounding community, ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services for patients in need.

Launched in January 2023, the UCH solar project exemplifies SAO Energy’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions for healthcare facilities.

The UCH solar project proudly harnesses the power of innovation with its remarkable setup comprising a 36,000Wp PV array solar system with storage generating 80Kwh. The efficient design allows for uninterrupted power supply to essential dialysis machines and other medical equipment, ensuring high-quality patient care.

Mr. Ayo Sotinrin, CEO of SAO Energy, commenting on the project stated, “We are driven by a clear focus to power all the health care centres in Nigeria for Nigerians one at a time. Being part of this high-impact project at the University College Hospital of Ibadan fills us with immense pride and purpose. We understand the detrimental effects of inadequate infrastructure in healthcare facilities, and that is why overcoming these challenges and delivering such a transformative solar installation in record time is truly commendable.

With each successful project, like this solar initiative, we take another step closer to our mission.

Our vision extends beyond UCH—I am excited to share that by 2024, we plan to power 600+ facilities in southwest Nigeria, illuminating the path towards a brighter and healthier future for countless patients and medical professionals alike.”

Dr. Sam Ajayi, Consultant Nephrologist at UCH Ibadan, emphasized the project’s significance, saying, “One of the most pressing challenges we have had over the years is that of power supply. We can have the machines, we can have the installation, we can even have the resources and personnel working, but without adequate power supply, the systems cannot run efficiently. Thankfully, we believe this will be a thing of the past now with the robust high tech solar system and storage that has just been installed in the dialysis center.”

The UCH solar project ushers in a new era of sustainable healthcare, empowering medical staff to provide efficient and effective care while bolstering UCH’s reputation as a forward-thinking healthcare institution.

Beyond the hospital walls, the solar installation contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment by reducing reliance on fossil sources for energy, mitigating carbon emissions, and inspiring other healthcare facilities and communities to adopt similar initiatives.

The UCH solar project marks a milestone in SAO Energy’s mission to become the foremost renewable energy developer in Africa. With this historic installation in collaboration with the Rotimi Akeredolu Foundation, SAO Energy strengthens its reputation and expertise in the renewable energy sector, setting a precedent for a brighter and more reliable energy future for healthcare facilities across Nigeria.


Watch the UCH Ibadan Solar Project Documentary


About SAO Energy

Founded in 2017, SAO Energy is an impact-driven renewable energy developer in Africa, specializing in transformative solar projects with a remarkable track record of innovative solar installations delivered to date. With a clear vision for the future, the company is positioning itself to be the foremost player in Africa’s renewable energy landscape.

SAO Energy is currently at the forefront of an ambitious initiative to power 2,000 primary healthcare centres in Nigeria, providing vital services to 15.1 million residents in the South West.

The company collaborates with utility companies, state governments, investors, manufacturers, oil and gas enterprises, and major corporations to navigate and thrive amidst the rapidly evolving energy environment. By forging strong partnerships, SAO Energy ensures its projects have a far-reaching and lasting impact in Africa.

Major significant strides in the education sector is the powering of 40 schools in North Central, Nigeria; where the company developed digital literacy centres that run solely on Solar and battery storage across 16 local government areas. This commitment to the education sector for future generations is emblematic of the company’s ethos of creating a brighter, greener Africa.




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