Doing stand-up comedy comes with lots of pressure, says Lasisi Elenu


By Victoria Oluwayemi

Comedian and skit creator, Nosa Afolabi, popularly known as Lasisi Elenu, has shed light on the challenges being encountered by artistes engaged in stand-up comedy and skit-making.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the humorist who hailed from Kwara State opens up on the financial rewards and work intensity associated with engagement in stand-up comedy compared to skit production.

Lasisi Elenu explained, “Both stand-up comedy and skit-making have a different feel. There is a lot of pressure in stand-up comedy. You’ve to be on your A-game, and you have to make several materials ready in case you use one and it’s not that good, you can always improvise. It’s very important to do that.”

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He went on to stress that skit-making has become an ingrained part of his artistic identity, an art form he can seamlessly engage in at any juncture, even from the confines of slumber. Elenu elucidated, “Yes, both avenues can be financially rewarding. The crux lies in one’s strategic approach. It’s not about how much effort you invest, but rather how astutely you direct that effort.”

Elaborating further, he emphasized that the key to success in both genres lies not merely in content volume, but in skillfully maneuvering content dissemination and branding. Elenu underscored that either path, be it skit-making or stand-up comedy, holds the potential for substantial financial gains.

In conclusion, Elenu shares a smart view about how comedy works. He noted the balance between making people laugh right away in stand-up comedy and taking time to carefully create funny videos. According to him, doing well in comedy comes from combining natural skill, hard work, and clever planning.

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