Tiwa Savage preaches self-sufficiency to women


By Victoria Oluwayemi

Tiwa Savage has taken center stage at a recent concert, where she delivered a powerful message urging women to prioritize their financial independence.

With a captivating performance that resonated with the audience, Tiwa emphasized the significance of self-sufficiency in today’s world.

Addressing a packed venue, the superstar singer underscored the importance of women having their own sources of income, noting that it empowers them to make choices aligned with their desires and aspirations. Tiwa made it clear that her message wasn’t about advocating for transactional relationships, but rather about women finding their footing in the realm of financial stability.

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“I am not encouraging runs, I am not saying you should go after a man for his money but I’m saying it’s sweet when you also spend your money,” Tiwa exclaimed, her words resonating with the audience. She went on to emphasize that despite being successful and financially secure herself, she was seeking a partner who could match her energy and contribute equally to a relationship.

In a heartfelt moment, Tiwa candidly expressed that heartbreaks were inevitable, but having one’s own financial standing provided a unique form of emotional strength.

“Because they will still break your heart anyway. So it’s better for you to cry with your Christian Dior-Dior-Dior, your Birkin bag, and your private jet to Dubai,” she passionately declared.

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