Opeyemi Aiyeola returns to social media with maternal pride


By Victoria Oluwayemi

Opeyemi Aiyeola has marked her return to Instagram with a heartwarming post, lauding her son’s achievement of graduating into high school.

In a touching display of maternal pride, Aiyeola expressed her gratitude to both God and supportive individuals who have stood by her.

“Being off IG for few days now, allow me return with smiles and heart full of gratitude to the divine and human angels. Mummy’s big baby is off to secondary school ❤️
Oya ow many good news and celebrations ave I missed❤️
Celebrations lobade”, Aiyeola expressed in an Instagram caption.

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She shared a touching video of her son’s graduation ceremony, marking a significant milestone in his education journey.

Amitd her return to the Instagram the actress has been inundated with warm congratulatory messages from her peers, fellow colleagues, and fans, all of whom celebrate her son’s achievement.

It is worth noting that Aiyeola has been candid in the past about facing challenges within her marriage. She has spoken openly about overcoming difficulties and disagreements that are an inherent part of any long-standing relationship. In a previous instance, she publicly acknowledged moments of “disagreement and huge fights” that nearly posed a threat to her marriage.

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