'We are the genuine members": Aregbesola launches Omoluabi APC Caucus in Osun

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APC expels 84 members of Aregbesola's camp in Osun

Former governor of Osun state and ex-interior minister, Rauf Aregbesola, Tuesday launched the Omoluabi Caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ilesa, Osun.

Members of the caucus were drawn from each of the 332 wards in the state and were represented by five members from each of the local governments in the state.

Speaking at the launching, Aregbesola assured that the political engagement of the group will be free from animosity.

He stated that the newly launched group is not a faction of APC but a group of genuine founding members of APC.

The former governor of Osun said: “We are staunch progressives, deeply rooted in the principles of Omoluabi, and this guiding light will always illuminate our path.

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“Our political engagements are free from animosity, for our love for all of God’s creations knows no boundaries. This unconditional love paves the way for our core values. At the heart of Omoluabi Progressives lies discipline—whether in personal endeavours, social interactions, or any sphere of life. Those who cannot align with the Omoluabi ethos don’t have a place with us. Our guiding principle remains a blend of character and competence. While character shapes the human soul, competence reflects one’s efficiency in creating value. These twin pillars, we believe, are the keystones of human civilization and progress. As we recognize our stage of development and the urgency to uplift our people, we’re convinced that reinvigorating these core values is pivotal to maintaining our resonance amongst them.

“The Omoluabi Tendency is a caucus within the All Progressives Congress (APC); actually one of the caucuses in the state. We are not a faction. We are the genuine foundation members of the party and we have no intention of abandoning the ship of the party as it navigates the most turbulent waters. We are no sprinters, but long-distance runners and we will still be standing when all the fair-weathers have gone.

“When the government pursues its raison d’etre, it succeeds and the people rejoice. But when it abandons the people and begins to pursue the particularistic interests of its functionaries, the people suffer. But we are irrevocably committed to the development of the people and their welfare. On this, we stand on the shoulder of giants. Chief Obafemi Awolowo presided over the most progressive and developmental government anywhere in Africa.

“Chief Bola Ige was a genius of Fabian welfarist administration in the old Oyo State. Between 1999 and 2007, I was part of the progressive administration in Lagos, under our leader, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It is on this same foundation that we premised our unforgettable eight year governance in Osun, which you all witnessed.

When others are modifying their character and disposition to blend with exigencies, we have resolved to dig deeper into our inner recesses and emerge with a better version of ourselves.”

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