Bobrisky reacts to arrest of gay couples in Delta


By Victoria Oluwayemi

Bobrisky has weighed in on a trending video showcasing mass wedding involving gay couples in Delta state.

He noted that being gay or engaging in gay wedding is not something that Nigerians should contemplate and he outlined his reasons for this standpoint.

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Bobrisky highlighted that Nigerian laws currently criminalize homosexual activity among men. In light of this legal context, he questioned the decision of the individuals involved in the wedding to organize such an event.

Bobrisky went on to describe it as one of the “dumbest news” he had come across that week. He further emphasized that given the prevailing laws, those individuals should have either adhered to the regulations or considered relocating to a country where homosexuality is not a punishable offense.

He questioned the rationale behind the wedding, suggesting that those involved should have been aware of the legal implications and societal attitudes. He also expressed a belief that the consequences faced by the couples were warranted, given the legal framework in place.

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