8 facts about Bolanle Ninalowo's marriage and crash


Ninalowo with his adorable family.

By Jennifer Eluemelem

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo has announced the end of his marriage to his wife, Bunmi Ninalowo, in a post he shared on Instagram today. Here are 8 things you don’t know about the actor’s marriages.

1: They have been together for more than a decade.

The couple met in 2004 and got married in 2007. They have two children together, one boy and one girl.
They met when he was 24 and she was 23.

2: The actor’s marriage had crashed previously.

This is not the first time the actor’s marriage has hit the rocks, as he confirmed in 2017 that he was separated from his wife after 12 years of being together.

3: His wife deserted him due to the failure of his music career.

The actor’s marriage crashed earlier due to his wife deserting him when he started having challenges after he didn’t fare well in his music career, which led to him returning to Nigeria and joining Nollywood, according to a source.

4: The actor married her in the United States of America.

Bolanle Ninalowo took his wife to the United States of America and married her on paper, hoping that he would officially marry her sometime later, but things didn’t go according to plan.

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5: The couple’s first meeting was in Nigeria.

The couple met in Nigeria when he visited Nigeria, and he took her with him to the United States.
It was an inspirational story, as the couple fell in love at first sight.

6: They reconciled after being separated for 12 years.

The couple later reconciled in 2018, and people marveled at how they were able to reconcile after 12 years of separation from one another.

This was through the intervention of friends and well-wishers.

7: He once addressed his wife as naive.

During the celebration of his 17th wedding anniversary, he said that his wife used to be naive, meaning she didn’t understand a thing, but meanwhile, things had changed for the better, and she was much more sharp and intelligent than she previously was.

8: The couple has parted ways and separated from each other.

Although things looked rosy between the couple as they had been sharing pictures and videos of them being together on social media, it would seem that all was not well as the couple parted ways from each other on September 1, 2023.

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