Tinubu appoints 32 year-old Suleiman Halilu as CEO of NASENI

Khalil Suleiman Halilu

Khalil Suleiman Halilu

President Bola Tinubu on Friday appointed Khalil Suleiman Halilu as the new Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI).

By this appointment, Khalil Suleiman Halilu, a techpreneur will serve for an initial term of five years in accordance with the relevant sections of the NASENI Act, 2014.

Mr. Halilu, 32, is expected to bring his significant experience as an innovator and technology expert to bear in this important new national assignment.

The tenure of Dr. Bashir Gwandu as EVC/CEO of NASENI is hereby terminated.

By the directive of the President, this appointment takes immediate effect.

Who is Khalil Suleiman Halilu?

Khalil Suleiman Halilu, KSH, as he is fondly called was born on 29 October, 1990 in Kano State, Nigeria.

He is the eldest of five children.

After attending Rainbow Primary School in Kano from 1996, he soon began his secondary school education at St. Thomas Catholic School (2001–2003), which he completed at Prime College in Kano (2006).

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After his secondary education, Khalil enrolled at the University of Hertfordshire and earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Business Administration in 2009.

He also earned a Master’s degree in International Business in 2010, in the same university.

In 2018, Khalil started the Center for Civic, Welfare and Community Development (CWCD Africa) – a non-governmental organization focused on making tangible contributions to social sectors such as health, education, the environment and climate change.

Under Khalil, CWCD launched another invention, the Zabe mobile app, which was deployed during the Nigerian general elections in 2019.

The Zabe App is a civic tool that seeks to deepen democratic participation and decentralize electoral transparency. To further ensure that the processes in the election were fair and reliable, Zabe.ng was created as an election monitoring app that can keep voters up to date with real-time updates.

Zabe.ng had a surprising success and proved to be a useful tool in recording only a 3% difference from the independent National Electoral Commission’s results.

Khalil also created an app that will make shopping easier.

The online app, Shape-shape provides on-demand delivery service to those in need.

ShapeShape has helped a large number of buyers to track their favorite products, orders and deliveries till they reach their final destination.

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