I’m bigger than the Headies, says Portable



By Victoria Oluwayemi

Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable has proudly declared himself bigger than the Headies Awards, which held in Atlanta Georgia.

The controversial singer, who had a feud with the award’s organizers for removing his nomination last year, now sets his sights on the Grammy Awards, viewing himself as a star who doesn’t need to seek recognition.

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In his statement, Portable acknowledges that he has been his own stumbling block by mistakenly assuming everyone was supporting him as much as he supported them.

He rejected negative energy and emphasized that one should not have to beg for success; life is like a journey that each individual navigates in his unique way.

“Zazuu nobody failed me I failed myself thinking everybody was for me like I was for them. Say no to bad energy Star. Don’t beg to shine, life na Portable Kogbagidi. IKA OF AFRICA I’m bigger than the Headies you dey whine Zazuu. Oshima Gba Grammy. Nothing we want wey God never do Alhamdulilah”, Portable proudly declared.

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