Meet six 'Mad' music stars you must know

Meet 6 ‘Mad’ music stars you must know

By Victoria Oluwayemi

In the ever-evolving world of Nigerian music, some artistes have broken free from the conventional and carved their paths with eccentric personas, unruly lyrics, and music that taps into real-life experiences.

These six ‘mad’ music stars are not only pushing the boundaries of Nigerian music but also bringing a unique blend of humour, real-life narratives, and street-style charisma to the forefront of the industry.

Portable (Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile)

Portable Omolalomi

Portable, also known as “Dr. Zeh”, “Shaku Shaku”, “Street problem”, “Wahala Musician” and “IKA OF AFRICA,” is a whirlwind of energy in the Nigerian street hip-hop scene. His music is a rollercoaster of humour and raw emotions, often drawing from his personal experiences and the gritty realities of the streets. He made waves with his involvement in the 2021 hit ‘Zazoo Zeh’ and has continued to captivate audiences with his controversial persona and music. He’s infamous for his fearless approach to addressing controversies in his lyrics, making him a unique and captivating figure in the industry.

Shallipopi (Crown Uzama)


Hailing from Benin, Shallipopi is a true embodiment of the streets. His music is a blend of sharp wit and unfiltered storytelling, capturing the essence of everyday life with humour and audaciousness. Despite facing legal troubles, Shallipopi’s hit song “Ex-Convict” hilariously chronicles his run-ins with the EFCC, resonating with fans who appreciate his candid approach to life’s ups and downs.

Seyi Vibez (Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi)

Seyi vibes
Seyi Vibez

Seyi Vibez infuses humour and indigenous style into his predominantly Afro-pop style. His music often speaks to the struggles and triumphs of everyday Nigerians. With influences from the legendary Fela Kuti, Seyi Vibez seamlessly blends Yoruba and English in his lyrics, creating tracks that strike a chord with listeners.

Small Doctor (Adekunle Temitope)

Small Doctor
Small Doctor

Small Doctor’s music is a lively reflection of the streets, where mosquitoes and daily survival are part of the narrative. His ability to turn mundane experiences into catchy tunes is a testament to his unique style. Hits like “Gbagaun”, “Anobi”, “Penalty” and “Mosquito Killer” showcase his humorous take on life’s challenges.

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Terry G (Gabriel Oche Amanyi)


Known for his eccentric dress sense and controversial lyrics, Terry G is a true maverick in the Nigerian music scene. His music often embraces chaos and unapologetically dives into societal quirks and absurdities. He has openly admitted to using drugs and alcohol, which further adds to his unconventional persona.

Odumodublvck (Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu)

As a member of the hip-hop collective Anti World Gangstars, Odumodublvck is a rising star with a knack for storytelling through music. His blend of Afrobeat, Drill, and Grime music is layered with vivid tales of his community and everyday experiences. His narrative style, rooted in Nigerian Pidgin English, adds an authentic touch to his music.

As they continue to captivate audiences with their unconventional approaches, they remain a testament to the diverse and ever-evolving Nigerian music landscape.






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