'Let the change begin with you', SP Hundeyin fires Rinu Oduala


Lagos State Police Command’s spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin

By Nimot Sulaimon

A recent Twitter exchange between SP Benjamin Hundeyin and Rinu Oduala has ignited a conversation about the dissemination of fake news, its consequences, and the responsibility of individuals in shaping the discourse around it.

This comes after the social activist, Oduala, accused officers of the Lagos Police Command of enacting violence on feeble, innocent Nigerians.

She tweeted; “I won’t rest, because people like you may become a victim tomorrow of the violence you defend.’

In response, Hundeyin, the spokesperson of the Lagos Police Command, berated her for sharing misleading and provocative news that has the potential to incite riots and chaos within society.

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“You post fake news capable of igniting a riot and causing chaos in society. It is pointed out to you. Rather than correct the misleading and provocative news, retract it, or update your followers accordingly, you’re here grandstanding.

“Yet you want the highest standards from your leaders, MDAs, and GSAs. Why not be the change you long to see? Let the change begin with you!

“Nothing of such happened today. This man is fond of driving against traffic and pretending to have been assaulted by the police anytime he is stopped, and always succeeded in whipping up sentiments against the police.

“In this particular video, when he was accosted for driving against traffic, he pretended he was killed by the police. The officers still impounded his motorcycle.

“He later showed up at the station to claim his motorcycle. Appropriate action will be taken. Stop the fake news!

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