Nigerian fashion brand DWL earns Qatar govt’s support

Nigerian fashion brand DWL earns Qatar government’s recognition, support

Nigerian fashion brand DWL earns Qatar government’s recognition

Luxury women’s fashion brand, DWL, founded by Nigerian designer, Ivie Odemwingie-Osula, has been accepted into the Scale7 Fashion Accelerator program funded by Qatar Development Bank (QDB).

Currently based in Qatar with operations in Lagos and Doha, DWL, an acronym for Defining Women’s Lifestyle, was selected alongside nine other prominent Qatar-based fashion and design brands for the program which kicked off on September 18.

The program involves the provision of specialized mentorship, business development activities, and funding.

Scale7 is the first fashion and design business incubator in Qatar founded by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) in partnership with M7, Qatar’s epicentre for innovation and entrepreneurship in design, fashion, and tech. 

Established by Qatar Museums under the leadership of Her Excellency Sheikha Al-Mayassa, M7 responds to the demands of Qatar’s growing fashion and design industries to support Qatar-based promising innovative entrepreneurs with huge market potential to grow their businesses to iconic global fashion and design brands. 

“We are thrilled to have DWL selected for the prestigious Scale7 fashion accelerator program after a rigorous selection process,” said Ms. Ivie Odemwingie-Osula in a statement.

“This recognition not only validates our vision and hard work but also provides us with unparalleled opportunities for mentorship, networking, and capacity growth towards positioning DWL as a competitive global brand.” 

On how the support from Qatar Development Bank will impact her business, she said:

“Undoubtedly, the government of Qatar will enhance the status of the DWL brand, to increase our operations and growth, globally.

“For us at DWL, the Business Accelerator Program will amplify our capabilities, allowing us to refine our strategies and scale faster for enhanced brand presence, increased capacity, streamlined operations, and a wider reach and audience. We are excited for the journey ahead and the positive impact it will have on the DWL brand and community.” 

DWL is a luxury female fashion brand that offers unique designs that present a fusion between modest fashion and Western contemporary trends and helps women use the power of dressing as a tool to project confidence and an amplified version of themselves.

Established in 2017 in the bustling Surulere neighbourhood of Lagos State, the now popular luxury DWL brand, makes ready-to-wear and bespoke blazer sets for women from internationally sourced fabrics and accessories, initially imported ready-made dresses.

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