Young man who declared Mohbad dead breaks silence

Young man who declared Mohbad dead breaks silence

By Victoria Oluwayemi

A young man seen in a vehicle conveying the remains of late Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba, widely known as Mohbad, immediately after the singer was declared dead has denied allegations that he had fled to Dubai.

The young man was seen beside the remains of the late artiste in a viral video, shouting ‘Mohbad is dead’

However, recently some netizens have been taking a second look at the video, with insinuations that the late musician might have still been alive when the young man was pronouncing him dead.

Self-acclaimed investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo had further stirred controversies when he asserted that the young man had left the country and was connected to the singer’s demise. She further claimed that he was evading police interrogation.

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But in a recent Instagram live session, the individual refuted these claims, displaying his passports to affirm that he is currently in Lagos, not Dubai, as had been rumored online. The denial has led to criticism of Olunloyo for disseminating inaccurate information to the public.

Social media users expressed their opinions on the matter:

  • Emjay Daslim commented, “The Mohbad story is quite perplexing.”
  • Yusuf Akeem remarked, “Kem Ken aji malt [Kemi Olunloyo] declared he was in Dubai when she forgot to take her medication after leaving Yaba Left [a psychiatric hospital].”
  • Martin Moselle stated, “I’m astonished that no one has been arrested yet in this country called Nigeria.”
  • Ysabel Avril questioned, “What investigation are the police claiming to conduct?”
  • Oluwa Dharmilaarey asked, “Why did you prematurely declare him dead? Who provided you with that information?”
  • Queen of Sun criticized, “Shame on you, Aunty Kemi Kem aji malt [Kemi Olunloyo].”

On Monday, amid ongoing efforts by Nigerians to understand the shocking passing of Mohbad, Perez Medcare Hospital, where the late singer was reportedly taken prior to his death, released a statement.

In their press release, the medical facility refuted claims that Mohbad had been declared dead while in their care or that he had been admitted to their hospital. According to the hospital, Mohbad was brought in already deceased, and those who brought him to the hospital confirmed that he had received treatment at home from a nurse who was not part of their staff.

In the comments section of a blog, many individuals pointed out the various conflicting reports surrounding Mohbad’s death, suggesting that it may have been a premeditated incident.

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