BBNaija All Stars: Who will cart home the ₦120 million grand prize?

BBNaija All Stars finalists

BBNaija All Stars finalists

By Victoria Oluwayemi

The BBNaija All-Stars grand finale is almost here!

Last Sunday’s live eviction show bid an emotional farewell to three formidable contestants– Venita, Soma, and Angel – leaving six housemates who have masterfully maneuvered through the challenges of this season, originally characterized by its staggering 20 housemates and 4 house guests.

As anticipation skyrockets, let’s delve deeper into the compelling narratives of each finalist, shedding light on what makes their journey truly extraordinary and their prospects of clutching the coveted ₦120 million grand prize.

Cross-The Strategy Expert

Cross buys his way into BBNaija All Stars Final after Biggie had put up immunity from eviction, among other items, for sale on Sunday
Cross of BBNaija All Stars

Cross, a maestro of strategy, became the first finalist by employing a cunning move – purchasing ultimate immunity with a substantial stash of 4,000 Moniepoint Coins, the official in-house currency. His intellectual prowess and resolute determination are undeniable. The looming question is whether his strategic spending will propel him to glory. Regardless of the outcome, Cross’s journey has left an indelible mark on this season.

Pere – The Catalyst of Chaos

BBNaija All stars: Who will cart home the ₦120 million grand prize?

If there’s one housemate who has stirred up the most chaos and controversy this season, it’s Pere, often referred to as ‘The General.’ His fiery clashes with housemates like Alex, Ilebaye, and Adekunle have created unforgettable moments. Pere’s determination to reach the finale, even at the cost of strained relationships, is evident. While his arguments may have ruffled some feathers, the question remains whether these dramatic encounters will lead him to victory.

Cee-C – From Controversy to Composure

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BBNaija All Stars final is here

Cee-C, previously known for her controversial clashes in Big Brother Double Wahala season, has exhibited a transformed and more composed persona in the All-Stars edition. Although not entirely free from controversy, her willingness to reconcile with fellow housemates after initial disagreements is noteworthy. With her commanding presence and occasional sparks of controversy, she emerges as a contender for the grand prize. As the finale looms, all eyes are on Cee-C, eager to see if she can finally secure victory in the BBNaija All-stars.

Adekunle – The Charming Strategist


Adekunle, a formidable contender, combines undeniable charm with intellectual acumen. Having previously clinched a finalist position in the ‘Level Up’ season, he entered the ‘All Stars’ edition with a reputation to uphold. His recent romantic involvement with Venita, who cited his intelligence as a major attraction, and his prior BBNaija experience have propelled him to the forefront. The pressing question is whether his wit and silver tongue will prove instrumental in clinching the title. Answers will be unveiled on Sunday.

Mercy Eke – The Return of ‘The Queen of Highlights’

Mercy Eke
Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke, renowned as ‘The Queen of Highlights’ and the winner of Season 4’s ‘Pepperdem’ edition, made a surprising and triumphant return to the BBNaija arena. Her rekindled relationships with housemates like Pere, Whitemoney, and Kiddwaya have kept audiences engaged, and her knack for generating conversation has held viewers captive. The ultimate query remains: Can her previous victory and steadfast fanbase translate into another resounding win? This season’s highlights might just pave her way back to the winner’s circle.

Ilebaye – The Gen-Z Trailblazer

Why Ilebaye may win the N120m, what could stop her

Ilebaye, often described as the ‘Gen-Z baddie,’ has captivated the collective heart of viewers with her authenticity. Despite enduring trials and tribulations within the house, her unwavering genuineness has resonated far and wide. From engaging in altercations to triumphing in wager games and securing the coveted HOH immunity, Ilebaye‘s journey has been nothing short of spectacular. Notably, she claimed the ultimate immunity card in a grueling head-to-head contest against eight other All Stars housemates. Her position as the youngest housemate has led to constant speculation about whether her controversial moments were calculated strategies in the game. Will these emotional moments engender more sympathy from viewers and ultimately catapult her to victory? This Sunday grand finale show will reveal it.

With their unique flavors, strategies, and fan bases, predicting the winner is anyone’s guess.

Get ready for the grand finale on Sunday, October 1, 2023, and witness who will claim the dazzling ₦120 million cash prize. The stage is set, excitement is soaring, and the race for the crown is on!

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