TikTok saga: Victor Osimhen breaks silence


Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen have broken his silence after his club, Napoli, posted two controversial TikTok videos that were widely seen as mocking the Nigerian star.

The videos, which have since been deleted first likened Osimhen to a coconut then the other was mocking his penalty miss against Bologna.

Osimhen was understandably furious with the video, a development that saw him deleting all pictures on his Instagram account where he was in Napoli colours.

Nigerian government also waded into the matter, warning Napoli against any form of discrimination towards the Nigerian treasure.

Napoli obviously bowing to pressure after keeping mute for days later released a statement on the incident.

However, instead of apologising to Osimhen, the club only explained they never had any intention to offend Osimhen with the “soft contents.”

The statement from Napoli caused more problems but Osimhen on Sunday decided to take the maturity path by pouring water on the burning fire.

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The Nigerian star, in a statement he personally authored, defended the people of Napoli after they were labelled racists by angry commentators.

Osimhen also thanked Nigerians for their supports.

Below is the statement from Victor Osimhen about Napoli and his situation.

“Coming to the City of Naples in 2020 was a wonderful decision for me. The People of Napoli have shown me so much love and kindness, and I will not allow anyone to come between us”.

“The passion of the People of Naples fuels my fire to always play with my heart and soul, and the love for the badge is unwavering as I wear it with pride”.

“The accusations against People of Naples are untrue. I have a lot of friends that are Napolitans and have become part of my family and everyday life. I appreciate Nigerians and everyone for leading their voices to support and reach out to me”.

“I’m forever grateful. Let’s support unity, respect and understanding. FORZA NAPOLI SEMPRE

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