U.S. government avoids shutdown

U.S. Congress averts govt shutdown

U.S. Congress averts govt shutdown

The U.S. House of Representatives averted a government shutdown Saturday by passing a stopgap bill that will fund the government for another 45 days.

The House voted 335-91, with more Democrats than Republicans supporting the bill.

It is expected that the Senate will also pass the bill and then, President Joe Biden will sign it before midnight or 0401 GMT Sunday.

This will prevent federal government’s fourth partial shutdown in a decade.

The bill passed the House with overwhelming Democratic support after Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy backed down from an earlier demand by party hardliners for a partisan bill.

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McCarthy abandoned party hardliners’ earlier insistence that any bill pass the chamber with only Republican votes, a change that could cause one of his far-right members to try to oust him from his leadership role.

The move marked a profound shift from earlier in the week, when a shutdown looked all but inevitable.

A shutdown would mean that most of the government’s 4 million employees would not get paid – whether they were working or not.

It would also shutter a range of federal services, from National Parks to financial regulators.

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