Ukraine intercepts, shoots down 16 out of 30 Russian drones

Russia strike Ukraine

Russia strikes Ukraine again

Agency Report

Ukraine’s air defence systems successfully intercepted and shot down 16 out of approximately 30 drones launched by Russia into Ukrainian territory during an overnight attack, as reported by the Ukrainian Air Forces on Sunday.

The drone incursions were initiated from various directions, including the south, southeast, and north, creating a multi-pronged assault.

Authorities noted that the central Ukrainian Cherkasy region bore the brunt of the drone attack.

Cherkasy Governor Ihor Taburets conveyed the situation via the Telegram messaging app, stating, “At night, the enemy massively attacked our Cherkasy region with attack drones. Unfortunately, there were hits on industrial infrastructure in (the city of) Uman.”

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He went on to disclose that the strikes resulted in fires within warehouses, particularly those storing grains. Regrettably, one person sustained injuries during the attack.

The Ukrainian presidential office issued a statement, revealing that not only Cherkasy but also other regions experienced damage.

The southern Mykolaiv region and the eastern Dnipropetrovsk region reported harm to civilian infrastructure and warehouses due to the drone attacks.


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