Basketmouth, the 'most wicked' comedian - Bovi

Basketmouth ts the most wicked and opposing comedian

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Prominent comedian and actor, Bovi Ugboma has described his fellow comedian, Basketmouth, as a “wicked” person.

In a trending video online, Bovi claimed that Basketmouth is a wicked person and that he’s behind the downfall of up-and-coming acts. Bovi, however, made the statement in a joking manner.

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“The most wicked comedian wey dey press another comedian career down; you’re wicked. Man of peace with a spice of wickedness,” Bovi stated jokingly. Basketmouth responded saying, “No no, I’m a nice man. Don’t believe anything he says; I’m a man of God.”

It is worth noting that another comedian, Destalker has recently accused Basketmouth of being responsible for his inability to get shows. AY Makun, had also spoken about his long-standing beef with Basketmouth.

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