Pope Francis spits fire, blasts climate change sceptics

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has demanded urgent action against climate change and frowned at the lack of focus on the existential threat by politicians, businesses, and deniers.

In a new Apostolic Exhortation, the head of the Catholic Church said that our warming planet is one of the greatest challenges facing the global community.

The Apostolic Exhortation, titled “Laudate Deum” (Praise God), was published on Wednesday.

Pope Francis writes that “the necessary transition towards clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy and the abandonment of fossil fuels is not progressing at the necessary speed.

“Consequently, whatever is being done risks being seen only as a ploy to distract attention.’’

The situation is becoming ever graver and the concern for humanity’s common home is ever greater, the pontiff said, as he offered a clear denunciation of climate change sceptics.

“Let us finally stop the irresponsible derision that would present this issue as something purely ecological, ‘green,’ romantic, and frequently subject to ridicule by economic interests.”

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There is no lack of people who write down the observations of experts.

“However much one may try to deny, hide, conceal, or relativize them, the signs of climate change are there and are becoming ever more evident.”

The “Laudate Deum” is to be understood as an update of the much-acclaimed environmental encyclical “Laudato Si’” from 2015.

An encyclical is one of the most important teaching letters of the Catholic Church.

In “Laudato Si,” Francis called for an “ecological conversion” and denounced environmental destruction, social injustice, and consumerism.


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