Pogba tests positive for testosterone in 'B' sample

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba, the Juventus and France midfielder, is facing a potential ban of up to four years as his ‘B’ sample has also confirmed the presence of testosterone.

A source familiar with the case disclosed this to AFP on Friday.

The initial test conducted by the Italian anti-doping agency (Nado) indicated the presence of testosterone metabolites.

On Friday, it was revealed that the analysis of Pogba’s B sample, conducted the previous day, yielded the same result.

Pogba, a 30-year-old former Manchester United player and a World Cup winner in 2018, now faces the possibility of a lengthy suspension.

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His representatives have refrained from making any comments on the matter.

Pogba could face a four-year penalty under the World Anti-Doping Code, though this could be lowered if he can show he was not at fault.

In some situations, the suspension may be reduced to a few months if it can be demonstrated that the substance was used “out of competition and is not related to his level of performance.”

Last month, his representatives claimed that the presence of testosterone was the consequence of a dietary supplement given by a doctor he saw in the United States.

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