Israeli Military strikes Hamas targets in Gaza

Israeli forces in air raid attack Gaza

Israeli forces in air raid attack Gaza

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Israeli military, in an overnight operation, struck hundreds of Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, and four combat divisions were moved to the southern territory.

This action comes two days after Hamas militants launched an invasion into Israeli territory, murdering 700 Israelis and kidnapping scores more.

According to a military spokesperson, fighting continued at a number of sites near Gaza, and Hamas fighters continued to cross into Israel from Gaza.

Over 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad installations were targeted, including command centres and the home of prominent Hamas official Ruhi Mashtaa, who was allegedly involved in directing the infiltration into Israel.

Medical sources in Gaza said at least seven Palestinians were killed in two Israeli attacks on residences. Israeli planes performed many airstrikes, including one in the northern town of Beit Hanoun.

Israeli bombings on Sunday damaged residential buildings, tunnels, a mosque, and the residences of Hamas officials in Gaza, killing over 400 people, many of whom were children.

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Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned, “The price the Gaza Strip will pay will be a very heavy one that will change reality for generations.”

Israeli military spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, stated that around 100,000 soldiers had been mobilised. He emphasised the mission to eliminate Hamas’s military capabilities and governance in Gaza.

The escalating violence has led to a surge in oil prices and raised concerns about Middle East stability, as Iran, an ally of Hamas, congratulated the group on its attack but denied involvement.

Any prolonged rise in oil prices could impact consumers and global inflation.

International airlines suspended flights to Tel Aviv due to the situation, waiting for conditions to improve before resuming services.


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