Japan lifts Tsunami advisory for coastal regions

Tsunami (1)

Japan earthquake & Tsunami 2011 in which 18000 people were missing (YouTube photo)

Agency Reports

Japan has lifted a tsunami advisory that was initially issued for two island areas south of Tokyo and later expanded to cover a wide stretch of coastal regions along the Pacific Ocean.

The advisory, which was in effect for several hours, was issued after an earthquake near Torishima Island, with a magnitude of 4.9, triggered concerns about potential tsunami waves.

It was eventually lifted at 0300 GMT Monday. Fortunately, there have been no significant reports of damage in the affected areas.

The advisory had extended as far southwest as the Amami Islands, located about 1,500 kilometres from Tokyo, and encompassed eastern parts of Chiba prefecture near the capital city.

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Some island areas had already experienced the arrival of tsunami waves, with reported heights of up to 60 centimetres (24 inches).

This incident follows a recent earthquake-triggered tsunami advisory in the Izu Islands area, situated about 100 kilometres (62 miles) south of Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Japan remains vigilant about potential natural disasters and continues to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its coastal regions.


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