Obasanjo: Why God designed multiculturalism for mankind

Obasanjo and Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Master of Meditation

Obasanjo and Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Master of Meditation

By Nimot Sulaimon

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has explored multiculturalism as a divine design for humanity and why it should be cherished and preserved.

He delivered a thought-provoking keynote address at the 2023 World Culture Festival, organised by the Art of Living Foundation.

According to Obasanjo, God has gifted humanity with a world characterised by diversity and multiculturalism.

He stressed the importance of sustaining these qualities, especially in a world grappling with issues like human imperfection, greed, selfishness, violence, insecurity, poverty, and various forms of evil.

The ex-Nigerian leader refuted claims that diversity and multiculturalism were responsible for societal problems, asserting that such beliefs were misguided.

Obasanjo argued that even though humanity has made remarkable progress in science and technology, our basic instincts for power, position, and prosperity at any cost have remained largely unchanged.

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Highlighting the gathering of representatives from about 180 countries at the festival, Obasanjo emphasised that this diverse assembly was a celebration of God’s diverse creation.

“If God had created sameness in the world, it would have been a world of monotony, staleness, unexcitement, dullness, and boredom. God created a world of diversity and wonder for us to enjoy and live happily in.

“In the process, we sacrifice love, kindness, goodwill, brotherhood and sisterhood, mercy, forgiveness, consideration for others, and love and fear with respect for our Creator.

“Gurudev, my leader, brothers and sisters all over the world, God has given us life in a world of diversity and multiculturalism.”

“As human beings, we have an unrelenting task of working to add love, kindness, brotherhood, humanity, and humanness to the world of diversity God has given us.”

“Then, we will have one world of peace, common security, stability, wholesomeness, growth, shared prosperity, inclusive society, and God’s kingdom on earth. That is our goal to achieve,” Obasanjo was quoted as having said. 

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