Regina Daniels marks 10/10 birthday with 10 stunning slides of gratitude


Regina Daniels

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels is celebrating her birthday today with a series of 10 stunning photos.

In these pictures, she’s wearing a striking red dress, and she’s marked the occasion on October 10(10/10)with a heartfelt message to herself.

Reflecting on the past year, Regina described it as both full of wonder and turbulence. Despite the challenges, she remains optimistic that the upcoming year will be a positive one.

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She expressed deep gratitude to her Creator for her life, her achievements, and her family.

Regina noted that she’s added another year to her age but still considers herself very young.

She admitted to occasionally wondering if she’s too young to shoulder her many responsibilities. However, her age serves as a reminder that she has plenty of time to pursue her goals, make mistakes, learn, and grow. Regina believes that God will continue to provide opportunities for her to realize her true potential.

“10 gorgeous slides on 10/10
Happy blessed birthday to me
How can I begin to thank God for such a wonderful year? It has been a hell of a beautiful and of course turbulent ride this year. This is a year I can boldly say it is an uplifting year and I thank God it is also a year that I give all glory to God. What more can I say than to thank God for my life, my achievements, my family, the life I have, and the one I am yet to live? I am adding a new year but yet still so very young. Sometimes I say to myself, girl you are so young with all these and so many responsibilities? My age is a constant reminder that I have time. All the time actually. To create, make mistakes and correct them, do and undo whatever version of my life that isn’t befitting. And I know God will definitely create opportunities to actualize my true potential. So today, I can boldly say I earned a day to celebrate myself because I deserve it. Happy blessed birthday to me

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