I’m wizkid regen - Crayon brags


Rema and Crayon

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Renowned singer Charles Chibuezechukwu, known as Crayon, has asserted that he embodies traits reminiscent of Grammy-winning artiste Wizkid.

He also expressed that he has a connection to the styles of Canadian sensations Drake and Justin Bieber.

He stated further that Rema embodies Burna Boy’s essence with a dash of influence from American rappers Travis Scott and Playboy Carti.

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In a social media post on Saturday, he shared, “I feel like I’m wizkid REGEN with a touch of Drake and Justin Bieber!”

Additionally, Crayon emphasized that his modesty shouldn’t be mistaken for ignorance about his abilities. “The facts that I’m humble doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I possess or what I’m carrying on the inside! I am aware!,” he clarified in another post.

Regarding his colleague Rema, Crayon noted similarities, suggesting that Rema embodies Burna Boy‘s essence with a touch of American rappers, Travis Scott and Playboy Carti.

“I feel like Rema is Burna Boy REGEN with a touch of Travis Scott and Playboy Carti!,” Crayon expressed.

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