Teni reveals how she spends her money



By Oluwatofunmi Adedokun

Afropop singer and songwriter Teni Apata, popularly known as Teni, has revealed she isn’t a luxurious spender.

The singer speaks about her spending culture while featuring on the latest episode of Zero Conditions Podcast.

“ I don’t spend lavishly, and I think my manager Kola is in the best position to answer that ’cause he probably has a better answer than I do” Teni says.

Teni’s manager wades in saying “She has a massive saving culture, she’s vast on investment. Teni doesn’t spend money. Most of the things she does are just because she’s in showbiz. That is not who she is; Teni is reserved, just very chilled.”

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The hosts were surprised by the responses since she isn’t a loud spender and so they asked her what she spends money on the most.

“On gifts, helping people, paying people school fees. Just random people. Do you know how many people I have started businesses for? and I don’t even know their names or probably recognise them.

“And it makes me happy,” she said.

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