Breaking: All 41 trapped construction workers rescued alive after 17 days in India


One of the rescued construction workers

India says all 41 construction workers trapped in a tunnel in northern part of the country after a landslide on 12 November have been rescued.

They were extracted one by one via a pipe 90cm (3ft) in diameter, which has been inserted through the rubble of the collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand state, the BBC reports.

A tunnelling expert says rescuers managed to break through to the group at 19:05 local time (13:35 GMT).

The CNN reports that it took weeks to bore an escape route for the workers through the mountain, with the last two metres drilled by hand, before the rescued men eventually emerged to cheers.

Video footage from the scene showed Pushkar Singh Dhami, chief minister of Uttarakhand state meeting the workers, who appeared to be in good health, as they were removed from the tunnel amid jubilant scenes.

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