Illbliss blasts Phenom for disrespecting Mode 9


Illbliss, Phenom and Mode 9

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Veteran Nigerian rapper Tobechukwu Ejiofor widely known as Illbliss has berated his colleague, Phenom, over a comment he made about Mode 9, the music veteran.

In a trending interview video, Phenom said he didn’t see Mode 9 as a role model but wants commercial success instead.

Phenom talked about visiting Phyno’s house and said he also wants to own luxury cars.

He criticised those who associate hip-hop with baggy jeans and described the trend as a “mental problem.”

“I do not see Mode 9 as someone I want to be like. I would rather be somebody that is commercially successful,” Phenom said.

“I was at Phyno’s house two days ago. I want to have Phantoms parked in my house as well.

“I am not trying to be someone that wears baggy jeans and just be ‘o hip hop’. No, that is a mental problem.”

In response, Illbliss took to Twitter where he condemned Phenom’s statement.

He said even Phyno would never disrespect the pioneers who paved the way for him, regardless of material wealth.

Illbliss emphasised Mode 9’s status as a “living legend” and commended his contributions to hip-hop.

“Even Phyno would never disrespect the Hiphop pioneers that came before him, with phantoms parked in his garage. Really truly disappointed Phenom. Mode9 is a living legend, alive and well, incredibly decorated and respected for his contributions to Hiphop culture. I hate the disregard!” IllBliss tweeted.

Mode 9 is regarded as a pioneer of Nigerian rap; his first album came in 2004, and his most recent in 2018.

But the waning influence of rap music, relative to Afropop, has remained a recurring industry discourse.

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