Singer Hotkid detained as promoter exploits name for fraud



By Victoria Oluwayemi 

Singer Hotkid has found himself in custody following allegations that a show organizer, Brave T.Tey, illicitly used his identity to deceive individuals.

Taking to his Instagram story, the ‘Ozana’ artist disclosed the distressing incident, stating he was apprehended due to Brave T.Tey’s purported exploitation, resulting in the wrongful collection of over 10 million naira from multiple individuals.

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Hotkid expressed his suprise, emphasizing his lack of involvement in the monetary affairs orchestrated by Brave T.Tey.

He passionately called out the individuals, labeling them as a dishonest and troublesome individuals whose actions dragged others into unwarranted trouble.

Subsequently, Hotkid posted an image of the accused show promoter, branding them as “Wanted” and a “thief,” demanding prompt restitution within 24 hours to those affected by the fraudulent use of his name, issuing a stark warning of self-regret if the matter remains unresolved.

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