Tinubu can't satisfy all Nigerians - Yakasai


Elder statesman,Tanko Yakasai and President Bola Tinubu

By Maduabuchi Nmeribeh/Kano

Elder Statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, has advised Nigerians who are dissatisfied with the current state-of-the-nation to stop heating up the polity through hate speeches and unpatriotic actions.

Yakasai, a former presidential adviser said rather than engage in such agitations, they should take advantage of available means of their remediation.

The 97-year old retired politician urged Nigerians to apply patriotic and legal means in addressing whatever may have gone wrong in the country at the moment.
He warned that engaging in war-of-words and violent protests will not do the country and her citizens any good.

In a statement he personally signed and made available to our correspondent on Saturday, Yakasai insisted that President Tinubu is only human and cannot satisfy all the needs, wants, and aspirations of over 200 million Nigerians.

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The Statement entitled: “My ADVICE TO NIGERIANS,” reads: “Nigeria is a complex creation and whoever is privileged to be its leader, cannot rule the nation to the satisfaction of its over 200 million inhabitants.

“This is the case with every nation big or small.

“I will advise people who are not happy with the prevailing situation to initiate the process of correcting what he believes to be wrong in the country in accordance with the provisions of our constitution and the law.

“So that, step by step, we will eventually correct the incorrect in the country. We cannot make everyone happy in the country at the same time.

“There is enough provision in our constitution to address issues we consider needed to be corrected.”

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