Why everyone must listen to ‘My Flesh’ – Gospel singer, Herrieter Cross

Herrieter Cross

Herrieter Cross


By Paul Dada

A gospel singer, Herrieter Cross has explained why everyone must listen to one of her song releases, titled ‘My Flesh’.

Cross is known for what some would term as genuine gospel music as her songs are focused on the serious topics of the Christian faith.

In a chat with P.M. News, the Lagos-based singer explained what ‘My Flesh’ is all about. She said, “The song is the story of the life of every human on earth. But it is more about the life of every child of God. I mean those who have surrendered and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord.

“The flesh is the nature of ‘I, Me, and Myself’, the nature of ‘I want it now, and I must get it’ and whatever my eyes desire I must possess. It’s vengeful. But the life Jesus has called His followers to life is one of self-denial. But the flesh is an enemy that isn’t ready to give up on its territory. Hence, there’s a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit. Both are at a never ending war. The scripture admonishes us to put t death the deeds of the flesh and fight till the end. The flesh isn’t ready to give up. We too mustn’t give up but continue with the Lords help. And by prayer, diligence, and watchfulness we overcome the flesh daily.

“Everyone is stuck with the flesh. Let’s repent and ask the Lord for grace to indeed take up the cross, deny self and follow him daily”.


Click this link to watch “My Flesh”

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