Influencer Jenny Darling sets conditions for pregnancy, demands £250K allowance

Influencer Jenny Darling sets conditions for pregnancy, demands £250K allowance

By Victoria Oluwayemi

Jenny Darling, an influencer residing in London, has outlined specific conditions she insists must be met before considering pregnancy.

These prerequisites include an annual allowance of £250,000, a significant post-birth gift, and a comprehensive makeover following childbirth.

Emphasizing the importance of compensating for the potential toll on her physical and mental well-being, the 23-year-old from Bishopsgate, London, has firmly established her ‘non-negotiables’ regarding pregnancy.

Jenny requires marriage with a prenuptial agreement prior to conceiving, alongside a pre-birth vacation abroad, as shared with Daily Mail.

Post-delivery, she insists on a £250,000 yearly allowance to cover therapy, personal training, and all related expenses for both herself and the child.

Moreover, Jenny‘s stipulations extend to having a doula and a housekeeper for the initial six months following childbirth, followed by a weekly cleaner.

Additionally, her demands encompass a lavish push present, such as a car or an apartment, as well as a comprehensive postpartum makeover involving procedures like a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

In her own words, Jenny articulated, “Motherhood is priceless. You can’t put a number on what is worth sacrificing. Creating a human life takes a lot of sacrifice. I’d never put my body through that for free. I’m not built to suffer”.

She further expressed, “I’ve wanted to be childless since I started periods. I asked doctors to take my uterus out. Kids are expensive. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world to suffer.

“I would have kids on the terms it’s a good motherhood experience for me. I don’t want kids. If it was to happen these are my non-negotiables.”

Jenny clarified that any potential motherhood journey must align with her specific conditions. Moreover, she stressed the necessity of marriage before considering pregnancy.

I would need to be married before I would even have a child – mainly because of my religion and protection for the baby. I want a prenup to cover anything that would impact my life – infidelity and things like that”.

Elaborating on her financial expectations, she explained,

“I’d need a £250k annual allowance. For therapy sessions, a PT, all of the things you’d need to live. It’s investing in our life and future”.

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