Sierra Leone coup update: Former President Koroma under house arrest

Ernest Bai Koroma

Former Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma

By Abubakar Hashim

After Saturday’s interrogation, which was the second day, by the Sierra Leone Police, former President Ernest Bai Koroma is now confined to his private property at Goderich, with a restricted number of visitors.

The Minister of Information confirmed the confinement and restrictions of guests, until Monday’s appearance for the former President’s further engagements with the Police.

The Koroma is not allowed to step out of his house without the “expressed permission” of the Inspector General of Police IGP.

Responding for clarification over the meaning of “House Arrest”, the Information Minister remarked that “house arrest is a legal definition not covered in the laws of Sierra Leone”, noting that what was important were “the conditionalities attached to the bail”.

Speaking further, the Minister said the restrictions were clear, taking into consideration the stature of the individual as a former President.

“He cannot leave his compound at his will, without the IGP clarification, he has a restricted number of guests, who come in and are allowed to leave”.

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To this end, there is already heavy security around the former President’s residence.

However, the increase in security was, according to the Minister, based on Koroma’s request for his safety.

“He is a former President and a statesman, to be treated with dignity and respect “, the Minister concluded.

Meanwhile, Koroma’s lawyer and former Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, has indicated that the former President was fully cooperating with the investigations.

The attack on November 26, began with sporadic shootings at the Wilberforce Barracks and the Murray Town Ordinance where the majority of the country’s arsenal is domiciled.

The attack was quelled by loyal forces, resulting in the deaths of 21, among which were 14 military personnel who were buried last week.

With his confinement and restrictions at his Goderich residence, tension is heightened in the country.

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