Why every cleric should read Bible and Quran - Sokefun

Gbenga Sokefun

Gbenga Sokefun

A Nigerian author, Mr Gbenga Sokefun, on Sunday, advised every pastor to study the Quran and every Islamic cleric to also read the Bible.

Sokefun, who gave the advice while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, said this was necessary for a proper understanding of the two religions.

The author of ‘Adigun’ said proper understanding of the Bible and Quran by Pastors and Islamic clerics would enable them to guide their congregants correctly without bias and sentiments.

He said the understanding of the two religions would put an end to religious sentiments, foster understanding and encourage peaceful co-existence and unity among Nigerians.

“We need more education and enlightenment for our clergymen. Pastors should read the Quran and Islamic clerics should also read the Bible, to have a kind of comparative analysis of the two religions.

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“This will help them understand and respect all religions as well as help to guide their followers and also foster the unity of Nigerians.

“With full knowledge of the two religions, they will be well guided not to preach hate on their pulpits.

“We need to encourage more education and research into other people’s religion, ” he said.

Sokefun is a multi-talented Nigerian-American author, lawyer, industrialist and music executive.

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