Audu Maikori celebrates as Chocolate City clocks 20

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Audu Maikori

By Taiwo Okanlawon

The Executive Vice Chairman of Chocolate City Group, Audu Maikori, has celebrated the record label arm of the group, Chocolate City Entertainment, as it turns 20.

Maikori, a lawyer and entrepreneur, took to his X account to express how he and his partners had a foundation in hip-hop, which necessitated the birth of Chocolate City Entertainment.

“Twenty years ago, Paul Okeugo, Yahaya Maikori, MI Abaga, and I started a movement…the foundation was hip hop…it makes sense to mark the countdown to 20 years of chocolate city music with a cypher, you can hopefully decipher! Plus Hip-Hop is 50 years!” he wrote.

After announcing a music project, Cypher, which is expected to commemorate the achievement, Maikori gave a list of rappers on the project.

“Thanks to the baddest rappers that ever spitteth Blaq Bonez, AQ, Loose Kaynon, Iceprince Zamani, Jesse Jagz, and MI_Abaga,” he said.

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