sets new standards with cutting-edge luxury automotive analytics


Miles Per Hour DBA

Miles Per Hour DBA, known as, stands out as a leader in the luxury automotive realm, catering to discerning buyers seeking high-end vehicles. Through cutting-edge analytics, ensures its customers remain informed and ahead of the curve. The platform’s commitment to innovation is evident in its state-of-the-art technology, extensive collection of hyper, exotic, and premium automobiles, and recent partnership with the NBA’s Miami HEAT. boasts an extensive network of dealers, offering them valuable analytics and resources to make informed decisions. This benefits both millionaire luxury buyers and others, who gain access to a curated selection of new and exclusive luxury listings for a more tailored browsing experience.

A standout feature of is its innovative Dealer Dashboard, empowering dealers with advanced analytics to identify sales trends, forecast incentives, and refine pricing strategies. This analytical edge aids discerning buyers in navigating the luxury automotive space effortlessly, emphasizing functionality.

Miles Per Hour DBA

A significant milestone in’s journey is its exclusive partnership with the NBA’s Miami HEAT, solidifying its position as the official premier luxury automotive marketplace of the team. This partnership extends beyond mere visibility, encompassing digital campaigns across the Miami HEAT’s official social platforms and strategic involvement in key game day activations.

The collaboration between and Miami HEAT represents a synergy between two reputable national brands, poised for significant growth and development.’s journey is marked by continuous innovation, from its launch in fall 2023 to the introduction of the Dealer Dashboard, reflecting its commitment to providing a seamless platform for luxury automotive transactions.

Understanding the importance of timing in the industry, promptly addresses the needs of discerning buyers, providing an accessible space to connect with ultra-luxury options. Achievements such as the Miami HEAT partnership and the Dealer Dashboard launch underscore the platform’s dedication to innovation.

As looks to the future, it aims to keep luxury buyers and enthusiasts informed about the latest trends and news within the industry. Collaboration and staying at the forefront of industry trends remain key focuses, as continues to redefine the limits of luxury in the automotive realm.

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